Aliens are Higher on the Food Chain than the Colonial Marines, and Gearbox wants you to Remember That is a video from 2012.

Aliens are Higher on the Food Chain than the Colonial Marines, and Gearbox wants you to Remember That
Upload Date December 28th 2012
Hosts Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Sean is interviewing Brian Burleson, the Senior Producer of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Brian is controlling the microphone. Sean asks what he thought about building the atmosphere. Light is important and scary. The aliens hide in the dark. This game is built as drop in / drop out. Sean asks what will happen with the AI. Sometimes, the AI will help out more, other times they won't.

Brian really hopes the new characters will be liked as much as the established characters. They spent a long time and effort into the characters. They actually have reactions and act with each other. If one player gets taken away, the characters will react to that. Some choices can be made to make the characters stand out.

Sean talks about another game the developers worked with WayForward on. They wanted to focus on the squad. You really want most of your squad with you. The xenos will kill the player in one or two shots. If they get next to a marine, the marine is done for.

Sean asks about the uproar about the miscommunication about female characters not being in the game which was not true. Sean asks if it is the developers responsibility to move the genre forward. The females were always a part of the game. They were announced last PAX.

You can't have an Aliens game without women. There are a lot of female marines in the game, and Bella is a member of the squad. The developers have to listen to the fans.

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