Addicts is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

Cast Chad, Ben, Nick, Jose, Destin
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Civilization IV

Synopsis Edit

Chad knows that there are things way more addicting that Civilization. He knows first hand.

Ben is hosting WWA, World of Warcraft Anonymous. Chad begins by introducing himself, and admits to being addicted to World of Warcraft. Ben awkwardly claps, and no one else joins in. Chad has realized how much this game interferes with his life. He lost his girlfriend and his job. He has a Computer degree, and he couldn't go to his job interview because it was scheduled on a raid day. He got his friend addicted to the game because he wanted a zebra, that he doesn't even use. Ben asks who his friend is, and it happens to be Jose, who is next to him.

Ben asks him for his name, and he replies Gorethok. Ben tries to get Jose to state his real name, but Jose continues with Gorethok. Jose tries to get Chad to tell Ben to stop asking him for his name. Chad doesn't want to get involved until Jose offers him money in the game.

Suddenly, Chad yells at Ben to stop bothering Gorethok! Ben cracks and wonders what is wrong with them. Chad asks him for his level. Ben is confused and responds that he has a PHD. Jose gets a message that he has to go to have a raid. Chad apologizes to Ben, and clarifies it by saying that he was being offered 500 gold.

Ben asks Nick what his problem is. Nick is typing on a non-existent keyboard. He asks Destin. Destin doesn't know why he is here, as he only just started playing the game. Nick attacks him, and Ben has to break them up. Ben and Destin are confused by why Nick attacked. Ben tries to reason with everyone, but Nick goes to attack Destin again.

Ben gives up and asks everyone for their account information. Chad asks if Ben is a GM ("Game Master" - an employee of Blizzard). Ben says yes, so Chad complies. He moves on to Nick, and asks Chad to get him out of his 'coma', so Chad pressed Alt+F4, cancelling Nick out of the game. 

Nick wants to know why Ben wants his details, and when Ben replies that he is a GM, he accepts. Ben calls the end of the sessions, and dismisses everyone. Ben goes to his laptop, and starts to sell the accounts on eBay.

Meanwhile, Jose is dressed as Gorethok, makes a war-cry, before realizing how much of a nerd he is.

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