A Very ScrewAttack Thanksgiving is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

A Very ScrewAttack Thanksgiving
Cast Craig, Ben, Chad, Lauren, Sean, Jared, Nick, Sam
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date November 26th 2011
Clip / Ad Publix

Synopsis Edit

Craig wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and for everyone throughout the rest of the world - happy Saturday! The ScrewAttack Thanksgiving feast didn't go smoothly.

Craig walks into the office, and Ben says that everyone is looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast he promised. Craig offered everyone a Thanksgiving feast after Lauren stopped the stampeding kitten hola-hoopers.

Craig checks the fridge, and finds nothing in there. He starts cutting up something with a plastic knife, which breaks. He then uses a sword. He cooks the food in the microwave, and on a grill.

He serves packaging peanuts and chips on the table in front of everyone. There is also Slap Energy Drink. Chad asks him if he is really trying to get everyone to eat packaging peanuts, to which Craig denies it, and calls it stuffing. Jared tries one. Everyone stares at him. Sean asks if anyone has seen Nick, as Craig enters putting Tommy onto the table. He starts cutting up the toucan with the sword. Nick crawls out of the costume as everyone screams!

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