Shaun and Sam play Gun Glory Anarchy.

A Mobile Game For Gamers??
Upload Date 18th August 2016
Hosts Shaun, Sam, (Sean randomly appears)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Shaun and Sam are playing Gun Glory Anarchy. Shaun emphasizes Anarchy. 10 people will win in game rewards. Shaun made his character look like Chad James. Shaun introduces the game, while Sam asks questions. Shaun blows someone out of existence. The objective is to kill everybody. Shaun moves on to a Fruit Ninja game where the player shoots balloons.

Shaun admires the guns and costumes. Shaun purchases some new weapons. Sam starts to play. They put their hand in the air when they win like the character. Sam doesn't even give his enemies a chance to shoot at him. Shaun takes the controller back and throws someone overboard. Shaun throws a grenade and is surprised at how effective it was.

Sam fights a boss. The boss's attack goes threw the crate that Sam is hiding behind. One enemy spits out money when he is shot at. The enemies begin to take a lot more shots. Sam has to dodge missiles.

Zombies start showing up, and Shaun has to protect his teammate. Shaun has to kill some dogs, which sounds terrible. Shaun plays the multiplayer where everyone throws missiles at each other. Sam is spending all their money. Sam plays the multiplayer.

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