A Link to Craig's Past is a video from 2011.

A Link to Craig's Past
Upload Date October 31st 2011
Hosts Craig and Jared
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Everyone has a game they know everything about. For Craig, it is a Link to the Past. Except for one part at the beginning of the game, where it is possible to bomb the wall. Craig has never been through there, and doesn't know what is on the other side. Craig will be doing this today with the Game Genie loaded up with unlimited bombs. Craig has been waiting for this for twenty years!

12 minutes later

The code didn't work. Craig has started a new game with a new cartridge. Craig is at the castle with bombs, but doesn't know how to get in. He calls Jared in, as he has done it before.

4 minutes later

Craig explains that the code didn't work, and Craig asks Jared how to get into the castle. Jared thinks it is in the Sanctuary. Craig jumps off the castle and is attacked by an enemy in a bush.

11 minutes later

Craig is heading back to the Sanctuary. It makes sense now. The door doesn't open. Jared instructs Craig to go back to the castle and find a secret passage.

3 minutes later

They enter the hole under the castle. It brings Link back around to the front. Craig and Jared are confused. Jared talks through the game, and he may have to do it before he goes into the Dark World earlier in the game.

8 minutes later

Craig still questions Jared as to what to do. Craig thinks that he needs to cheat, but Jared has done this before and he never owned a game genie! Jared is boggled, as he has done this before. Jared thinks it has something to do with the Chris Houlihan room.

3 minutes later

Craig claps

4 more minutes later

Jared thinks that he went through these steps back when he did it, but he doesn't remember because it was so long ago. Craig begs to God to allow him to do it. Craig doesn't think he can do it.

7 minutes later

Jared makes Link cry in the church.

11 minutes later

Jared is going to beat the first three levels, because he can do it faster than Craig. Jared has beaten the first two levels, and now has the titan's mitt. In theory, he may be able to push the block behind the throne.

7 minutes later

They try pushing the block, and it doesn't budge! They go to beat the third dungeon. They head back to the sanctuary with the power bracelet. Next step is to go back to the castle. If this doesn't work, they have no idea!

2 minutes later

Craig is nervous. It still doesn't work! Suddenly, Jared remembers how to get back in there. He goes to the Sanctuary. There is a rock or bush that he has to fall down. It is the same bush as is used to head to the Chris Houlihan room. They didn't have to do any of this! Awesome!

4 minutes later

They look around for bushes. Jared pushes a grave, and falls into it. They make it into the room! Jared was right about needing the titan's mitt. Jared hands over the controller to Craig. Jared pumps Craig up, and Craig starts deliberately wasting his bombs down to the last one! He laughs! Jared told him not to do that!

Craig places the bomb, and open the door. He charges in. There are 6 pots, and 3 chests. The pots have a 4 hearts and 2 nothing. Craig is nervous, and is disappointed by the pots. The right chest has 10 arrows. The left chest has 3 bombs. The center chest contains 300 rupees.

Craig is disappointed. Jared knew what was in there the whole time, knowing that it wasn't worthwhile. Craig wonders why the developers did that. Ten year old Craig is really happy. 20 year old question is disappointed!

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