A Guide to Comments on the Internet is a Clip of the Week from 2013.

A Guide to Comments on the Internet
Cast Craig, Nick, Ben, John
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date August 3rd 2013
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

The video begins with an old-timey countdown, going into the ScrewAttack title card. The entire video is made in an old-style black and white style. Craig gives an introduction, stating that there are 5 easy steps to making comments on the internet.



Make sure you nab the first comment, so nobody can see your accomplishment. If you didn't get there first, you can always go for second, or third, or fifteenth. The video cuts to Nick looking proud of himself for his pointless achievement.

Step 2: Say Anything. Literally Anything. Cuts to Nick typing gibberish into his computer.

Step 3: Get offended by something. Even get offended by not being the one to post FIRST! (Cuts to Nick getting angry and biting paper.)

Step 4: Be a spam-bot.

Step 5: Watch / Read the thing you already commented on - but don't watch all of it, and leave another uneducated comment.

Cuts back to Nick joyfully typing at his computer, before Craig yells "FIRST!", to which Nick begins to rage.

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