A Gamer's New Year is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

A Gamer's New Year
Cast Nick, Bryan, Craig
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date January 2nd 2011
Clip / Ad Doodle Hoppers

Synopsis Edit

The crew have made a promo for what they did on New Years. Craig narrates the promo. They are going to play PlayStation, Nintendo and lots of XBox. Nick and Bryan are on the couch playing games. It will be mostly dudes - OK all dudes.

There will be party chat, Netflix and Ernest Goes to Camp. Kinect photos will be taken all night. UR Mom will be there! DJ Crazy Craig will also be there. Craig appears behind the couch with a Mixer. Candy from a g1 (Craig pours candy all over the floor). The ScrewAttack Christmas card with Nick's face is shown, and red eyes are edited on to it! Craig says to not forget to kiss at midnight. Nick and Bryan look at each other disturbed and move away from each other.

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