Airsoft Killing Spree is a video from 2009.

Airsoft Killing Spree
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Chad, Ben, Craig, Jose, Destin, Corey, Adam, Bryan, Nick, Byron, Mark
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad used to work for an airsoft company, so he has his guns all around the office. This video introduces the interns Adam and Mark.

The guns get used as props. Whenever they get pulled out everyone starts freaking out. It really isn't that bad, so Chad will go around and offer if anyone will let Chad shoot them, they can shoot him back. It isn't that bad. Text appears on the screen saying it is that bad! Chad starts by shooting Ben, who is holding the camera!

Chad walks into Craig's office, and gives Craig the proposition. Craig wants to slice Chad with his Master Sword! Craig agrees. Chad walks into Jose's office. Jose asks him what he wants, and Chad says to respect him because he has a gun. Chad tells everyone what he wants to do. Jose is up for it, but Destin says no. Chad begs Destin to try it.

Everyone has agreed, and Craig says the he will do it. Chad asks Corey, and she will do it. Chad asks Adam. Adam says that it's fine because air comes out of it. Ben asks why Chad gave the gun to Craig. Craig is holding the gun as far away from him as possible.

Bryan is playing on the TV with Nick. Bryan and Nick are both in. Byron and Mark agree too. Jose asks who the bitch is that isn't in.

They all head outside, except for Destin. Everyone needs to form a line. Chad talks through the safety procedure, and Craig is nervous. Craig asks what this has to do with video games, and makes a disclaimer.

Craig wants Chad to shoot everything to show that it is a real gun. Chad shoots Jose, Bryan, Nick and Corey. Corey says to make sure Chad doesn't hit her ovaries, as she is going to want to use one someday! Adam tells Ben, who is holding the camera, that it shouldn't be a big deal, and he asks Ben if he wants to hold hands. Ben backs off! Chad shoots Adam. Mark is shot in the back.

Byron and Ben are shot. It is now Craig's turn. Everyone starts chanting for him, and Craig tells them to shut up! He doesn't want to do it anymore. He got nicked on the side.

Everyone now gets to give Chad payback. They all shoot him, and one shot goes right past Chad's head! Adam misses, and hits the dumpster, which terrifies Chad. Corey gets him in the ass! Jose gets Chad in the neck. Chad shows off his injuries.

Craig asks what they all learned. No one agrees with Craig. They talk about what it was like to be shot, and Adam falls to the ground. Jose teabags him. Jose and Adam are now a couple! They all go back in to talk to Destin. He still doesn't want to be shot. Corey calls Destin a pussy.

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