Jared goes Metal Gear is a video from 2011.

A Day in the life - Jared goes Metal Gear
Upload Date November 25th 2011
Hosts Jared, Craig, Chad, Sean, Lauren
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig announces that Jared locked a door, and the keys were inside. Jared claims that it wasn't his fault, as he didn't lock the door. Jared is going to be going into the ceiling to go onto the other side of the door, and try not to break anything!

Sean gives Jared a boost into the roof. Jared breaks the only tile up there. Craig panics as Jared's foot gets stuck. Jared slinks down into the room, and everyone laughs. He opens the door. Craig asks what Lauren thinks. She says it was funny and walks off.

Jared says that the adventure has only just begun. Lauren says that his eyes are watering. Jared is worried, as he probably has fiberglass in his eye.

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