A Day in the Life of ScrewAttack: Twinkies is a video from 2008.

A Day in the Life of ScrewAttack: Twinkies
Upload Date around August 19th 2008
Hosts Craig, Jose, Destin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

They are really close to the Iron Man of Gaming, and Jose hasn't been sleeping. Jose is organizing an eating contest at the Iron Man of Gaming. So Jose is going to test the Twinkies to make sure nobody dies. Jose is not a fan of Twinkies. It is the goal to get through 12 of them. He shoves them into his mouth.

At the half way mark, Craig is impressed because he didn't think that Jose would make it that far. Jose asks Destin if he wants some and Destin says no. Craig gets Jose to lick one of the Twinkies, and Craig encourages Destin to eat it without knowing that Jose licked it.

He eventually eats it, and Craig and Jose are laughing. They decide to do 10 at the Iron Man Challenge.

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