Street Fighter Tafffy Power is a video from 2009.

Street Fighter Taffy Power
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Chad, Angel, Nick, Ben, Craig, Jose
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Angel are playing Street Fighter. Chad is playing badly, and Angel is playing good. Angel does a SGC Woo chant. Angel continues to beat Chad.

Craig enters and Chad and Craig play. Craig loses, and he blames the controls. Nick has a secret strategy. Chad is terrified. Nick and Chad play. Nick mashes the controls. Chad wins, and Nick only hit him once.

Craig eats a laffy taffy and is enjoying it. It is his strategy to win in Street Fighter. Nick rage quits on Chad. Craig asks if Chad won with a perfect, to which Chad replies no, because Nick told him to hold on before hitting him!

Chad and Craig play, as Craig finishes his candy. The laffy taffy falls out of Craig's mouth! Chad wins again, and Craig throws the laffy taffy away.

Angel and Craig play with laffy taffies. Craig is being fed by Nick, and makes noises to make Nick unwrap them faster. Nick feeds Craig, and Craig wins!

Jose and Ben play. Ben wins.

Nick, with a taffy in his mouth plays. Craig isn't even touching the stick! Nick manages to win one round, and Chad warns him not to get cocky. Craig destroys Nick in the next match. Nick manages to defeat Craig in the third match, and he and Jose celebrate!

Craig says that it was the laffy taffy that got Nick to win. Someone puts a taffy up to Craig, and he rips it out of their hand and throws it away.

Angel encourages everyone to go to SGC, and says that he needs to play some more.

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