Winter Wonderland is a video from 2010.

A Day in the Life - Winter Wonderland
Upload Date February 16th 2010
Hosts Craig, Destin, Corey, Bryan, Ben, Chad, Nick, Ryan, and a few other interns
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is out in the snow in the middle of February, and the crew doesn't want to waste a snow day! They decide to build the biggest snowball in the world. Destin says that they are making snow with people who have never seen snow before. Corey is wearing her storm trooper helmet as she doesn't have a hat. The team roll up the snowball.

The need to lift their snowball on top of another snowball. Nick eats some of the snow. Ben says that they are rolling snow balls to the ball station where they will be packed into a larger ball. Chad asks Ben to make sure he mentioned the balls. Ryan does too.

Bryan tells how Chad came up with the idea of calling his friends with landscaping equipment to come out to help. This is two hours after they started. They are taking a break on top of their castle.

The snow fort is looking impressive. Criag calls for pizza. Nick is feeling cold. Craig makes the pizza person go to the castle. Everyone eats pizza on top of their giant snowball. They carve into the side of the castle, and pose on top of it.

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