Jared talks with a bot is a video from 2012.

A Day in the Life - Jared talks with a bot
Upload Date February 20th 2012
Hosts Sean, Jared, Lauren
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jared signed onto his laptop's instant message list to send over the script for Hard News. As soon as he signed on, he got an instant message from someone saying "What's up". Jared doesn't know who this is, so he replies with "What's up girl. Let me see that crack!"

At that moment she changes her font and starts using smiley faces. Jared flirts to the bot. Jared says that they have had sex several times! Twice - if you count the second time - Jared does! Jared tells the bot that he is working on a rap album. Jared continues reading the messages that they have sent to each other.

The bot invites Jared to a cam session. Jared sends explicit messages, and then asks what her favorite color is. His is cock! She wants to grab on it, and Jared corrects her. Jared then yells at her for winking at him! Jared wants to see them "taiters". The bot agrees to be his whore. "Taitors!"

Everyone in the room laughs. They continue talking, and Jared asks if he can pee on her, and tells about some pee he bought on eBay. Jared is still held up on the pee thing! Everyone laughs and the video ends.

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