We Tried Being Smash Bros Pros is a video from 2013.

APEX 2013 - We Tried Being Smash Bros Pros
Upload Date January 25th 2013
Hosts Ben, Sam, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness

APEX 2013


Synopsis Edit

Team P-Diddy (Pit and Diddy Kong, played by Ben and Sam) played in Smash Bros Brawl Doubles. They lost both their games. They lost in loser's bracket as well. They are proud of how they did, knowing that they weren't going to win. They played against some known players, and held up for a while. Ben was worried that they would be obliterated. They KO'd a couple of times!

Ben went 1 v 2 for a short amount of time in one match, and got a KO during that time. Then Peach sat on Pit's face! Sam is disturbed by Ben's wording! It was fun being in APEX. Singles is up tomorrow.

The next day, Nick asks people about his Donkey Kong player opponent. The person he is asking has played him before. He is one of the best Donkey Kong's. This has Nick worried. Nick is in on it! The person he asks says to use a lot of grenades. He is a big guy with a lot of hair. It is revealed that Nick walked past him earlier! Nick plays against Ook. Nick loses badly.

Sam interviews with another Sam, who plays Ice Climbers. Sam asks Sam if he was doing his best when he beat him. It is a huge misconception to underestimate anyone. Sam was knocked out with an infinite grab right away in the first match. Once the opponent is flustered, they can toy with them, as they will make more mistakes.

Ben won his first game! He had to be really patient and wait for her, as she never showed up! Ben won by DQ! Ben lost to Koolaid in the second round, and is back in loser's bracket. The guy Ben is facing off next hasn't showed up yet, so Ben is hoping he can make it to the fourth round off of two DQ's. And then he showed up and ruined everything. Ben won a game legitimately! He then lost his next match.

Nick is introducing the video, when suddenly, Dylan Toomey shows up. They hug each other. Dylan has been waiting for this forever! The hug for a long time. They pat each other's backs.

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