The Best Olimar in America! is a video from 2013.

APEX 2013 - The Best Olimar in America!
Upload Date January 31st 2013
Hosts Sam, Craig (announcer)
Series Random Awesomeness

APEX 2013


Synopsis Edit

Sam is with Danti and Dabuz who are about to go in a match for the best Olimar in America The winner of this match will be the highest ranked Olimar. The other guy competing for the spot was knocked out early on. These two have known each other and played each other a lot! Sam commentates the match. Denti wins the first match.

The Wii has issues as people has been using wireless controllers and not de-syncing them, and it is interfering with their match. They move to another Wii to continue the match. The game isn't allowed to be paused, and the interfering controllers can accidentally press the home button, pausing the match.

The second fight is played. Dabuz discusses how the Pikmin work. Dabuz wins the second game.

It is down to the final battle. Dabuz is the winner.

It was a tough match. Danti thought he could have played better. Dabuz went on to place 7th overall.

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