APEX 2013 - The Best In Melee is a video from 2013.

APEX 2013 - The Best In Melee
Upload Date January 29th 2013
Hosts Nick, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness

APEX 2013


Synopsis Edit

Nick passes through the crowd, and someone thinks he looks like Steve Irwin. Nick puts on a Steve Irwin voice, as he searches for Dr. PeePee. Nick sneaks up on Dr. PeePee, and stands really close to him. Dr. PeePee is too focused on the game to notice Nick. Dr. PeePee is the greatest Melee player ever.

Nick turns into Ben.

Dr. PeePee came from 7th grade when he spilled juice on himself, and his friend made fun of him for it. He wanted a funny name for when he played in tournaments because he was never going to be good, but he wanted to be remembered. He was disappointed when he got good but got stuck with the name.

He is getting a doctorate in psychology. Psychology plays a big role in Smash Bros. You have to manipulate your opponent to get the game to go your way. Dr. PeePee talks about some of his strategies. The beard is for APEX. It is also to annoy his grandmother! Two dear heads walk past Dr. PeePee and Ben, and Ben becomes distracted. Dr. PeePee is excited to beat certain players.

Armanda is the winner of Smash BRos Melee. He is a two time winner. He has always been pretty confident with competitions. His main is Peach because she has more to do than other characters. People appreciate the work he is doing, even if it is for himself. People get inspiration from him.

Dr. PeePee almost won the entire thing, and Ben was hoping he would win because he was the first person Ben talked to. Dr. PeePee thinks he is good to interview. He feels like he won. It was a really fun event.

The crowd chanted "Stack It Up". It makes no sense, and is just something that came from his home town. There is a dance that goes along with it, and Dr. PeePee shows it to Ben. Ben tries it, and it takes 6.22 seconds for his face to go red! Dr. PeePee does an epic pose with his flag.

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