APEX is a fighting game tournament that takes place during the last week of January. Since 2013, ScrewAttack has been an official sponsor to it by interviewing the competitors. Nick, Ben and Sam have attended in all three years since ScrewAttack began to sponsor it. APEX is also the biggest Smash Bros tournament in the world.

The three have also competed in a few of the events since 2013. All three competed in the Singles Smash Bros Brawl competition, but to date only Ben has won one match by forfeit, and in the third round actually won a game. Nick has competed in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Condition (is this the correct game?). Ben and Sam competed in Doubles for Smash Bros Brawl. Nick also signed up for doubles at the last minute with someone else who did not have a partner.

Ben plays as Pit, Sam plays as Diddy Kong and Nick plays as Snake.

In 2014, Ben and Nick went to APEX. Neither of them did any extra training for the event, and both performed terribly.

In 2015, Ben played in Doubles Brawl with a pro player as a team mate, and won one match. Nick made it into the final 8 in Killer Instinct. Along with Ben and Nick, John, Craig, Chad and Bryan all attended. Day 3 of the event also included a 'Newcomer Stream' hosted by a professional and a ScrewAttack member, answering questions, commentating and making the event easy to understand for fans who have never seen a tournament before.

List of APEX videos Edit

2013 Edit

  • APEX 2013 Training - Day 2 - December 21st 2012
  • APEX 2013 Training - Day 3 - December 28th 2012
  • APEX 2013 Training - Day 4 - January 2nd 2012
  • APEX 2013 Training - Second-to-last Day - January 4th 2012
  • APEX 2013 Training - The Final Day - January 9th 2012
  • Super Smash Bros. 64 is Hardcore
  • The Best Olimar in America!
  • Biggest Smash Bros tournament in the world! We're going to Apex!
  • We're Smash Bros Pros
  • Quick Tips from the Pros
  • Can you eat TWO Pounds of Rice Krispy treats?

2014 Edit

  • We're going to Apex 2014
  • Top 5 Wishes for Smash Bros. from the Pros!
  • Even MORE Wishes for Smash Bros. from the Pros!
  • Dr PeePee is the Best Smash Bros Melee player in the world
  • The Best Yoshi's Island Player Alive

2015 Edit

  • Newcomer stream (Twitch stream)