8 Mile is an episode of Newsroom.

8 Mile
Upload Date May 29th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren walks quietly into the office, and Jared tells her to shut her mouth because their is an E3 rumor about Nintendo. Every website is saying there will be a game showed off at their press conference by Eminem. Lauren asks if it is the real Slim Shady, and Jared says it is the real deal.

Lauren starts singing the lyrics to 8 Mile, confusing Jared and making him stand up and sit back down. She sings the "My name is What?" section of the song, with Jared providing the confused "What?" sections. When she says her name is Slim Shady, Jared corrects her.

Jared thinks Lauren thinks that he started the rumor. Jared says that it is his dream to go to a press conference when a new console is released, and if some Eminem becomes true, he is going to be pissed. He yells that Nintendo is his life. Lauren states that she is glad Jared is here. Jared says it would be empty without him. Lauren is shocked by his statement.

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