The 5th Anniversary Live Stream took place on the weekend of February 15th 2011 to celebrate ScrewAttack's 5th anniversary. This would become an annual tradition. Unfortunately, the live stream was not saved, however g1 Museyfield recorded some of the best moments of the stream, and they will be listed here.

There were trivia questions asked by the crew every hour, where the first g1 to enter the right answer would win a prize.

Highlight #1 - Wii Music Jam Edit

Wii Music Jam
Hosts / Players Destin, Nick, Jared, Craig
Cameo / Offscreen none

Games F-Zero X, Mega Man 9, Sexy Poker, Wii Music
Date February 15th 2011

The crew are finishing up playing F-Zero X. They ask the chat what they want to see next and someone suggests Wii Music. Destin is very happy with this suggestion.

While Destin and Jared are getting excited for Wii Music, Craig looks miserable. Jared becomes 'past-delirious' by slapping the couch with cushions and trying to get everyone hyped for Wii Music.

Destin really wants to play the flute. Craig tries to play Mega Man while everyone else is setting up. Jared resets the Wii on him, but Craig doesn't care (this was because Craig reset the game on Jared earlier - see highlight 2).

Someone clicks on the Sexy Poker game. Craig wins every time and beats the girl. Jared and Destin chant on, wanting Craig to bet more so the girl takes off all her clothes. Nick is getting frustrated, and tries to get everyone to play Wii Music. They unlock a new girl.

Craig ends the game so they can finally play Wii Music. Destin has never even played the game before. Craig doesn't consider it a video game, and wonders why they are playing this. They choose The Legend of Zelda. Nick wants everyone's Miis to wear a suit of some kind. Nick wears a dog suit and sings the melody. Craig plays the guitar and Destin plays the flute. Jared tries to get the instrument that he wants but clicks on the wrong one, and Craig continues the game on, forcing him to use the ukulele.

Destin has no idea what he is doing, and didn't realize how bad this game really was. The song sounds nothing like The Legend of Zelda. They change to the only other song they have - Daydream Believer. This time, Nick is the cheerleader, while Destin chooses the maracas, Jared has an electric guitar, and Craig has a toy piano. Craig quits because it sucks, and the others agree. Destin is amazed at how awful the game was.

Highlight #2 - Craig resets Mega Man X Edit

Craig resets Mega Man X
Hosts / Players Craig, Jared, Destin
Cameo / Offscreen Nick

Games Mega Man X
Date February 15th 2011

Jared was going to attempt to beat Mega Man X in under an hour, so he uses his shift to try to beat it. When the video tunes in, Jared is up to the final boss fight. Destin wants Jared to beat it with the hadouken. Destin jokes about shutting the game off just before he finishes. Craig reaches over to do it, and Destin and Jared plead with him not to.

Jared gets a hadouken ready as he goes in for the final hit, and begins to yell "kamekameha", and just as he is releasing it, Craig hits the reset button! Jared screams in horror. Everyone laughs, and Jared calls Craig a dick. Jared starts yelling at Craig, and notices that the chat didn't want Craig to shut it off!

Nick enters after just waking up, and Destin explains what happened. Jared would have beat the entire game in under an hour. Jared and Destin leave, and Craig ends the shift, only for Jared to come back in and demand his blanket back.

Highlight #3 - Destin the Saboteur Edit

Destin the Saboteur
Hosts / Players Destin, Nick
Cameo / Offscreen Jared

Games The Saboteur
Date February 15th 2011

Destin is playing The Saboteur, a game neither he nor Nick have played before. Destin and Nick are discussing the game, and Nick compares it to Just Cause 2, as Destin runs people over. Destin tries to help people by running them over. Jared decides to stay awake the whole time, as everyone else has already slept.

Destin finds a strip club. Destin tries to steal a fancy car, but fails and is stuck driving a truck a short way from Paris to Germany. Nick wants him to hit some cows. Destin cries out 'helping!' while ramming cows.

Highlights #4-8 - Super Mario Bros 3 Edit

Highlight #4 Edit

The game being played is Sonic the Hedgehog, as the crew discusses what is happening in the chat. Nick comes in and shuts the game off, as he wants to play Super Mario Bros 3. Nick is having problems with the setup, and there are five minutes left in the stream. Craig notes that everyone is getting exhausted.

Super Mario Bros 3
Hosts / Players Destin, Jared, Craig, Nick
Cameo / Offscreen none

Games Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros 3
Date February 15th 2011
Link Highlight 4:

Highlight 5:

Highlight 6:

Highlight 7:

Highlight 8:

Nick says that he has never beaten the game. Everyone is shocked. Craig wants to play the level Nick is playing, and Nick won't let him. Jared explains how the game teaches the player how to fly in the first level.

Trivia Question: What is considered the scariest moment in ScrewAttack history? The Salsa Challenge

Nick almost cheats the winner out of a prize by thinking that he already won. The winner also spelled salsa wrong, and the crew were debating over whether or not he should still win. Craig decided that it was fine.

Nick is trying to decide whether or not to got to world 8 or Giant World. They ask the chat, who wants to see world 8.

Highlight #5 Edit

Now going into extra time, Nick continues to play through Super Mario 3. Nick is playing the ship level. Craig is guessing when Nick will die in the next level. Nick wants to beat the level legitimately by not swimming under the airship. Craig tries to make an argument about the enemy throwing bones at Nick are dogs. Nick ends up dying at the boss. This time Nick goes under the ships. Craig is now playing the same level. He gets beats the level. Nick now plays a scrolling airship level.

Highlight #6 Edit

Nick is still playing through Super Mario Bros 3. Nick gets through the scrolling airship level. Craig wins two battle mini games. Craig wastes an opportunity to get a mushroom, and then is killed by a koopa. Nick tries the same level, and falls into a pit earlier than where Craig died.

Craig plays again, and is shot by a bullet bill. Nick beats the level, as Jared and Destin make "That's what she said" jokes. Jared starts helping Nick through the next level, as Nick didn't know how to get through the game. Nick stuffs up and jump, and falls down a hole. Craig plays the same level and beats it. Nick is up to Bowser's Castle, and the other three give him advice.

Highlight #7 Edit

Nick is still in Bowser's Castle. The others are helping him through the doors puzzle. They are running out of time, and Nick eventually falls into the lava. After getting stuck, they ask the chat for help. When the door they chose ends up being wrong, Craig screams "Liars!" Eventually, they get through to the boss, and Craig thanks the g1s for helping them. Craig is excited to beat the game, and not allowing Nick to.

Nick has never made it to these last levels. Nick makes it through the airship level.

Highlight #8 Edit

This is the final segment of Super Mario Bros 3. Craig is playing in the final level. After getting a tonnoki suit, he gets hit by a laser and fireball. He wants to give the controller to Nick to beat Bowser, but Nick wants to do the whole level. Craig throws it, forcing Nick to play the level. Nick screws up by missing the platform. Craig taunts him, and Nick dies. Nick tries again. This time he dodges the laser. Craig tries to start a chant.

Nick makes it to Bowser. Nick manages to beat Bowser. Craig takes the controller and forces Luigi to fall into the hole. Destin and Jared laugh. Nick throws popcorn at Craig. Nick tries to do it again. Craig's wife calls him.

Nick gets to Bowser again, but is killed by Bowser. Craig apologises to Nick, but Nick doesn't believe it. Nick keeps on forgetting about the laser and barely avoids it every time. Unfortunately, the stream cuts out as Nick is attempting it again. He did not manage to beat Bowser again that day. 

Highlight #9 - Rescue Rangers Edit

Rescue Rangers
Hosts / Players Jared, Angel
Cameo / Offscreen Craig, Bowser, Ben

Games Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers
Date February 15th 2011

Jared and Angel are playing Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers. Angel asks the chat what games they couldn't beat because it was too hard. Craig walks in with brackets for their Marvel vs Capcom 3 brackets. Bowser also comes in and plays with Angel. Ben also enters and he plays with Bowser, and gets him to jump on Jared. Craig steps in and holds onto Bowser, and then Craig's wife takes him away.

Meanwhile, Jared thinks he's getting towards the end of Chip and Dale. Craig says that Jared is really good at this game, and immediately Jared dies. Angel lost all of his lives a long time ago, and so Jared is just playing by himself. After beating a boss, Jared loses a lot of lives to crabs. Jared says that he will keep playing until the game is turned off. Ben decides to turn off the video, and everyone is surprised that Jared isn't dying while the video is turned off. As soon as the video comes back he dies. Ben changes the game.

Highlight #10 - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Edit

Hosts / Players Jared, Angel, Craig, Bryan, Destin, Ben
Cameo / Offscreen none

Games Marvel v Capcom 3
Date February 15th 2011

The team are setting up Marvel vs Capcom 3. Jared explains that they have to use sticks to play, as they tried using controllers once and it just didn't work.

The Marvel vs Capcom tournament is starting. The matches are Jared v Bryan, Craig v Ben, Angel v Destin. The winners move onto the second round robin round. A lot of people in the chat think that Jared will win. Ben has only played against computers.

Jared and Bryan are having a close match. Bryan gets the victory, as Jared couldn't switch Zero out, and Bryan wins by time running out. Jared is annoyed that he lost because he forgot to change the time limit.

Angel and Destin play next. Two of Destin's characters aren't unlocked, so he realizes that he probably can't win. The video ends before the end of the fight.

Highlight #11 - Just Cause 2 Edit

Just Cause 2
Hosts / Players Angel, Destin, Nick
Cameo / Offscreen none

Games Just Cause 2
Date February 15th 2011

Nick is playing Just Cause 2 with Destin and Angel watching. Nick rides a helicopter. Nick explains that the clouds actually work as clouds should.

Nick gets out of the helicopter and grapples onto it to get back it. Destin gets Nick to go further away, and into the air, and try again. He just misses, and he somehow grapples onto the ground as the helicopter crashes into the ground and catches on fire. Angel is very confused.

Highlight #12 - Ducktales Edit

The pair have just put in Ducktales, and get the chat to decide which level they should play. Of course they choose The Moon, and Jared starts singing the brentalfloss song for this level. Craig also joins in. They don't know all the words. Jared doesn't last too long before he dies, so Craig takes over. Craig goes into a secret and somehow takes damage and dies. Both Jared and Craig are confused.

Hosts / Players Jared, Craig
Cameo / Offscreen Bowser

Games Ducktales (NES)
Date February 15th 2011

Jared takes the controls back. Jared changes levels to the Himalayas. Craig discusses how Ducktales was one of the first VGV's. Jared didn't like this level because he gets stuck in the snow.

Jared and Craig talk about how much they love this game. They move onto The Amazon. They continue to hum the music. Craig finally gets to a boss.

Highlight #13 - NWC and Pizza Guy Edit

Jared and Craig put in Nintendo World Championships. They discuss how the game works and how to get good scores. Craig isn't playing very well. Craig gets 29850 points in Mario.

He moves on to Rad Racer. Jared finds it hilarious that in this game, players have to break, which goes against everything in most racing games. Craig gets 93050 points in Rad Racer. Time runs out on Tetris, and Craig gets 85625 for a grand total of 178,675. He admits that that score is horrible.

NWC and Pizza Guy
Hosts / Players Jared, Craig, Angel
Cameo / Offscreen Bowser, Chad, Jose, Pizza Delivery Man

Games Nintendo World Championships
Date February 15th 2011

Craig brings Bowser in. He tries to escape. The pizza has arrived, and Jared encourages the pizza guy to come in.

Jared plays to try to beat Craig's score. The pizza guy says that he mostly plays FPS's. Jared tries to convince the pizza guy that ScrewAttack is a porn site. He gets a score of 35800. The pizza guy leaves.

Chad finds it funny that the pizza guy left as soon as Jared started talking about being a porn site.

Jose comes over to Jared and seems to breath in Jared's ear.

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