40 Seconds is the first episode of Newsroom.

40 Seconds
Upload Date May 16th 2012
Hosts Jared, Lauren
Series Newsroom


Synopsis Edit

Lauren is working at her laptop when suddenly Jared starts panicking. He runs in asking for help. He explains that he is playing Diablo 3 and has to wait 40 seconds before he can play. Jared complains that he doesn't know what he is going to do in those 40 seconds, before collapsing on the couch. Lauren tries to reason with him saying that it isn't all that long.

Jared compares it to having a date who is 10 minutes late. Lauren has dated guys who have been an hour late. Lauren asks if she should really be waiting that long. Jared calls her selfish. Lauren tells him to play on his 3DS while he waits. Jared says that it takes too long too boot.

Lauren states that it has been 40 seconds already. Jared runs back to the game excited, and comes back crying because he got error 37, and has to wait another 40 seconds! He decides to complain on the internet, and gets banned!