Brad and Sean race against each other in a chicken nugget eating challenge.

2011 Chicken Nugget Eating Challenge
Upload Date August 31st 2011
Hosts Craig, Sean, Brad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

They are at a new HQ, and don't even have lights up. Somebody has already opened their mouths. The loser will go onto the wall of shame. Craig explains that last time they did it, the competitors had to drink milk as well. Sean and Brad have to eat 25 chicken nuggets.

Sean gets an early lead, and Craig starts giving away Brad's nuggets to other people in the HQ. Brad reveals that all he wanted was chicken nuggets. Sean is kicking ass. Sean loudly burps as Brad issues a subsequent challenge. Brad's revenge is how bad Sean will feel.

Sean finished in 5 minutes and 42 seconds. Brad says that if Sean can finish his last five nuggets, he will clean the bathroom for Sean. When Sean is about to eat the last one, Brad takes it and eats it.

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