The crew compete in another Cici's eating challenge.

2010 Cici's Eating Challenge
Upload Date August 19th 2010
Hosts Destin (voiceover), Bryan, Jose, Craig, Ben, Nick, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Destin narrates. The challenge is between Team Chunky, consisting of Bryan and Jose, and Team Skinny, consisting of Craig, Ben and Nick.

Craig, Ben, Bryan and Jose start. Craig has a strategy to take the smallest pieces as soon as they come out of the oven, so the other team has to have the larger slices. Ben and Craig are getting the cheeseless pizza, as it fills you up. Jose doesn't care. Nick walks in soon after they start, and joins in. Jose starts talking smack, while Craig can barely talk. Ben started coughing in the same way he did in the salsa challenge. Ben starts to think about dropping out. Time runs out. Chad counts all of the crusts.

Chad is surprised at how Team Chunky bitch-slapped the old record. Craig counts along with Chad as they get a higher score. Team Chunky scored 92, while Team Skinny scored 98. Nick and Ben both fail their dick slaps. Bryan smack talks that Nick slaps like a little girl.

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