2009 Summer Intern Interrogation is a video from 2009.

2009 Summer Intern Interrogation
Upload Date summer 2009
Hosts Byron (being interviewed), Destin, Corey, Chad, Jose, Craig, Ben, Nick as Tommy
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

This video is an interrogation with a potential summer intern. The intern's name is Byron.

Destin asks a very specific question. He asks about Darkwing Dark Season 3 episode 7, who was the main villain and what was Darkwing doing that day? Bryon chuckles.

Corey asks if a man walked in with an AK-47. What would he do? He mumbles that he would try to hide.

Chad says that the dress code is to look as unprofessional as possible. Byron says that he doesn't know if he could abide by that. He is wearing a suit and tie. Chad says that he failed that one!

Destin asks about the July 7th 2008 episode of Hard News, what was the second jokes punchline? Byron says that he doesn't know.

Chad asks what his thoughts are about being hit in the groin. Byron replies that he was covering his crotch on the way in.

Jose asks PS3, Wii or XBox 360? Byron answers Wii, because all the games he wants to play are on PC.

Corey asks if he will clean bathrooms with a toothbrush. Byron says that he could.

Craig tells Byron that he needs to wait for Ben and Nick to get here. Craig leaves. Byron waits 37 minutes. Ben enters. He says that it will be hard having two Bryan's here.

Destin asks Byron what the Earth's circumference is. Byron has no idea. Destin gives the correct answers, but would have accepted "really f***ing big!"

Ben asks him what he is doing here. Byron says that he is getting an internship at ScrewAttack. Ben says that it isn't fun. It is a lot of work, and is stressful.

Chad asks if he can dance. Byron says not really, and Chad says to prove it! Byron gets up, and dances terribly. Chad tells him to stop, as he believes that he isn't a liar!

Corey puts a tie around Byron's neck, and asks if he thinks she's fat?

Ben asks Byron is he is sweating with the lights. Byron isn't but he thinks he will soon. Ben wants to move the lights closer. The lights are moved up to Byron's face, and he has to put on sunglasses.

Destin goes to give Byron a handshake, and pulls his hand away and leaves.

Tommy enters with the results. He says that the position has been filled, and he may leave. Ben yells at the others to stop giggling like little girls in the other room. Byron touches Tommy's beak, and Tommy yells at him, saying that he doesn't like it when people touch his beak. Tommy tells Byron to leave. Byron says that he likes Tommy's beak.

Craig enters, saying that he has passed.

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