These are the E3 videos from 2007.

2007 E3 LA Montage Edit

2007 E3 LA Montage
Upload Date June 2007
Hosts Craig, James Rolfe, Tom, GameJew, someone else
Series E3


The team are driving through LA. Craig looks out at the sites. James plays WarioWare for the first time. Tom is sitting on a couch and gives a WTF look when Craig moves the camera to his crotch. James is confused by the game.

There is a camera pan of the view of LA. Text appears showing where everything is including the Hollywood sign. One of them says 'millions of actors (waiters)'. The five all cheer at LA. James is angered by the game, as he is still confused by it.

The One Question Man Edit

Craig asks some people what they play. They awkwardly talk through the games they are competing in. They discuss that they are both going to try to go to more events.

The One Question Man
Upload Date June 2007
Hosts Craig
Series E3


6 and a half minutes later of the two talking to each other, one of them asks Craig if he is going to ask any more questions! Craig laughs and moves away.

2007 E3 LA Montage Part 2 Edit

Tom is getting his eyebrows done, and the make-up artist is asked what she thinks of Tom's eyebrows. She says that they are very full and long. Tom replies that she said that they were longer than her bangs. She shows her hair.

Craig gets Amanda McKay over to the camera for an interview. Craig asks her if she has a boyfriend, which she does. 

Back to the make-up person, she asks how she would rate Tom's eyebrows before she started working on him. She gives him a 6.2, and when she was finished, a 10.

2007 E3 LA Montage Part 2
Upload Date June 2007
Hosts Tom, Craig
Series E3


If he doesn't upkeep it, it will go to a 9.8.

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