Jose takes on Craig and Tom in a pizza eating challenge.

2007 Cici's Pizza Eating Challenge
Upload Date August 18th 2007
Hosts Craig, Tom, Jose, Mickey, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jose challenged Tom and Craig to a food eating contest, and Mickey wanted to challenge all of them, as he wanted to hit Craig and Tom in the nuts. Jose and Tom introduce the challenge, however, Mickey intrerrupts. Mickey wants in on the challenge on a side pot. Ben was the referee.

Jose and Craig/Tom quickly get through their first round, while Mickey struggles to keep up. Craig is so sure that he is going to win, that he eats bread that doesn't even count. Mickey falls behind, but the others are still confident. Mickey doesn't care, he is happy that he gets free food.

Tom discusses how they will hit Jose and Mickey in the nuts. Jose sent a hitman out to hit Craig in the nuts at the Iron Man of Gaming, so Craig wants Jose. Suddenly, Jose gives up. Craig figured that Jose would quit.

The scores are Jose 43, Craig/Tom 56, Mickey 8. Craig and Tom win. Jose and Mickey get blindfolded and Craig hits Jose, while Tom hits Mickey. Craig does a pretend shot on Jose, while Tom hits Mickey early. Jose learns not to challenge Craig and Tom.

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