'Twas the Night Before Christmas is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Cast Sam, Chad, Craig, Ben, Bryan, Lauren, Jared, Nick (as Tommy)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date December 25th 2011
Clip / Ad A Charlie Brown Christmas / 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Synopsis Edit

Nick likes 'Twas the Night Before Christmas unless it takes place at the ScrewAttack HQ.

Poem lyrics Actions
'Twas the day before Christmas and throughout the ScrewAttack HQ, The camera goes along the hallway
It was a typical workday for the ScrewAttack crew,
Craig was tensed and focused as can be, Craig is at his laptop
Hunting for stars in Mario Land 3D. Craig is frustrated as he plays on his 3DS
The news of the day was as slow as tree sap, There is a pan of Jared's laptop
So instead Jared simply made plans for a nap. Jared rolls over on the couch
But when Ben last slept, no one could know, Ben is working on Death Battle and looks very tired.
He's been constantly working on that Death Battle show!
Bryan was out front, but he wasn't too far, Bryan is outside.
He was helping Lauren with her piece of shit car. Lauren looks disappointed as she handles car cables.
Up in the front, Chad and Sam were working towards a goal, Chad and Sam are packing boxes.
Getting merch to g1's, but bad one's got coal. A bag marked 'Coal' is put into a box. The pair hi five
The work day was done, it was time to turn in, Craig closes his 3DS.
But then came a noise from a roof made of tin. Craig looks up at the ceiling
It sounded like hoofs and a jolly old laugh, Craig, Chad, Bryan and Sam all look excited
Who could it be? You do the math.
We all looked around with wandering eyes, A shot of Craig and Bryan looking excited followed by Ben asleep.
Except for Jared, who shrugged and then sighed. Jared shrugs and walks away
Throughout the night came a bone-chilling squawk. Craig, Bryan, Chad and Sam look concerned
We all looked around, but no one dared talk.
A crash, and a thump, and a scream and a cry, The camera pans along the ceiling. Santa can be heard yelling "No!"
"OK. Someone up there, just freaking died!" Chad mimes these words.
Throughout the room came a chilling realization, Craig looks worried, and puts his head in his hand.
Santa had tripped their toucan defense station!
In sauntered Tommy looking pleased with himself, Tommy saunters into the room looking pleased with himself
Picking his teeth with the bones of an elf. picking his teeth with a bone
"Oh no!" They all cried, with a fit of despair, Everyone says "Oh no!"
"Who will bring children gifts handled with care." Bryan mimics these words.
Craig had an idea and issued a command, Craig walks up to Tommy, holds his beak and threatens to hit him as he mimes these words.
"You're the new Santa, or taste the back of my hand!"
"If it wasn't for you, this wouldn't have happened!"
"So pack up that bag, and get your wings flappin'!" Craig pushes Tommy away, and Tommy flaps his wings out the door.
And so Christmas goes on via toucan air flight, Tommy runs down the hall.
Merry Christmas g1's and to all a good night. Tommy flies through the sky at night.

Trivia Edit

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