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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/17/2017

Happy 1,000 pages!

Congratulations, ScrewAttack wiki! We have finally reached 1,000 pages! I have been here since January 2015, trying to create a page a day (or so) to create the ultimate ScrewAttack archive. While there is still a very long way to go, the fact that we have finally reached this massive milestone is something very special to me.
Now if only we could get a few more people here! :)
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• 6/6/2017

ScrewAttack Quiz

Hi. I'm looking to increase the population of the wiki, and perhaps get people talking. I do love a good quiz, so maybe this will be a way of creating a sense of community.
I will ask ten questions about ScrewAttack (or GameAttack), and you guys can search for the answers. All of the answers are located on this wiki. After a week or two (depending on popularity), I will reply with the answers. All answers are located within the pages of this wiki.

Who was the runner up to the first Mario Party After Dark, and how much did they lose by?
Which was the first Death Battle to end in a draw?
Apart from Jared and Lauren, only two other people appeared on Newsroom. Name one of them.
Which game did the name Mogg come from, which was played on ScrewAttack Live?
In the Clip of the Week episode Unique Sponsorships, what was the questionable sponsor for Screwin' Around?
What is The Best Ever NES game according to everyone?
Who won the Iron-Man of ScrewAttack?
What was hidden in the room that Craig could never get to in A Link to the Past?
What game was played on the first episode of Four Play on the GameAttack channel, launching GameAttack?
What was Ben's nickname when he was first hired by Craig?
Good luck! Leave your answers in the comments below, or tell me how many you knew before having to look them up! If I get a few people responding, I'll continue doing these. If anyone has any tips on other ideas to get people communicating on this wiki, let me know in the comments as well.
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• 5/3/2017

Death Battle page split proposal

Looking at our most popular pages, I see that the List of Death Battle episodes page has a significantly larger view count then any other page. I believe that we are missing out on an opportunity for more views by not splitting it up.
At this point, I'm thinking about splitting it up into Seasons 1-2, and 3-4, but I'm also thinking about 1-3, and 4-(potentially) 6. Both pages will continue being protected from new users.
I'm making this a highlighed thread for the higher possibility of actually being read rather then a comment on the page (as they seem to not get read), and to have some potential discussion on this due to the page's popularity.
Edit: In addition, the additional 19 or so Death Battle videos (with the Death Battle category) also need to be listed. If there were more, I would suggest a page of their own, but with only 19 they would go on the main Death Battle page.
Prowler64 Talk Page 00:42, May 3, 2017 (UTC)
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• 10/11/2016

Craig 'leaving', GameAttack, do we need a new wiki?, general updates

Here are my thoughts on the recent update video.
Craig 'leaving' (alongside Parker, Bryan and Shaun) will not affect how this wiki is run. Since they aren't leaving Rooster Teeth or even the office, there is no reason to change their statuses. All four personalities are still at ScrewAttack as far as this wiki is concerned.
As for GameAttack , the page for that will be updated with the latest thumbnails and logos (after I am finished with Hey Lets Play), and the page will be brought up to date. Different shows on GameAttack will have new pages added to them. The current GameAttack (Show) page will be redirected with Four Play as the show has changed its name.
Do we need a new wiki for GameAttack? No. It is apart of ScrewAttack (and still has a g1 in it), and has the same people in the same office. We already have a page for GameAttack, and the content from the new YouTube and site will feed from that.
Further updates: After Hey! Lets Play! is completed, I will be moving on to getting GameAttack up to date. After that will be the remaining Random Awesomeness / Advantage Content videos. Looking to 2017, Hard News will finally get the big update it needs, and Sidescrollers will finally start getting pages.
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• 3/9/2016

Merging into Rooster Teeth - what does that mean for us?

If you've been paying attention to ScrewAttack lately, chances are you know that as of the end of this week, ScrewAttack will be intergrating the site over to the Rooster Teeth site. So, what does that mean for this wiki here?

We will have to change the URL's on all of our pages over to the new URL.
Upload dates will remain the same. If thumbnails change, they can be updated or added onto the page in a gallery.
No pages need to be removed, even if shows are cancelled or videos are taken down from the site or YouTube.
List pages will make it easier to be linked to the site, rather than YouTube. We prefer links to videos on the site, and this will make it easier for it.
A few pages (like the history page) will need to be updated to accomodate the change.
We don't need to add info about Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter or Funhaus anywhere apart from affiliates pages. On a related note, if wikis for those groups are interested in affiliating with us, we will be more than happy to!
Other than that, it will be business as usual. The link changes won't be able to happen straight away, unless someone wants to take that project upon themselves for a while. I will be continueing to add Random Awesomeness videos, and continue to update pages. After that, I will attempt the conversion.
As usual, any questions or comments can go below in the comments!
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• 2/19/2016

Are the people form screwattack on here?

Because I would like to meet them
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• 2/15/2016

Happy 10th Anniversary ScrewAttack

Happy 10th ScrewAttack! In a few hours time, ScrewAttack will be celebrating their tenth birthday by having a 48 hour marathon. Congrats on 10 years guys! I have so many memories about ScrewAttack from its history, an only a small fraction has been documented on this wiki so far! Good luck to Craig and the crew going forth, and enjoy the 48 hour marathon tomorrow.
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• 12/20/2015

Spotlight, 2015 overview, Death Battle rule, goals for 2016

Hi all. Just a few announcements before the end of the year.
1. First of all, last week this wiki was Spotlighted on Wikia, so congratulations to us for achieving that goal.
2. This year was a great first year, and we well exceeded our goal of 450 pages. Thanks to everyone who has helped out, especially the couple of people who have been getting pages up to date and finding old videos that weren't already on pages.
3. Now leading into next year, I am really hoping for some expansion. I really want to have more people on this wiki making edits. There are literally thousands more pages that need to be created. I would really be hoping to get another admin in to help out. This job is far too big for 1 person and a few others that only do more recent videos. I need someone to help out with videos from before 2012. If you were a g1 back then, I need you!
If you look at this wiki and have no idea what you could possibly edit, you probably don't watch much ScrewAttack content! If you are confused, come and see me. I'll give you a task to get started on.
4. Unfortunately, I do need to remind people that Death Battle discussion and suggestions are not allowed on this wiki, especially not on the comments sections of Death Battle pages. Look at those pages comments sections already! They are far too long, and are mostly filled with unimportant information. And that doesn't count what has been deleted!
Death Battle causes a lot of spam, and a lot of arguing, so we want to have as little focus on it as possible. If anyone wants to discuss why this rule is in place, ask in the comments here. Because of this, anyone who makes starts to spam Death Battle suggestions, or makes discussion about episodes may face a short block without warning. They will also be asked to go to the Death Battle wiki, as that place is more designed for that kind of thing.
Thanks everyone for coming out. If you have any comments, concerns, feedback or anything else, please talk to me, and I will help out with whatever I can. Merry Christmas everyone.
Prowler64 Talk Page 20:18, December 20, 2015 (UTC)
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• 11/6/2015

Introduction + missing Clip of the Week

Hi. Because there are so many videos that ScrewAttack have made over the years some videos end up missing. So I have set up this board to help out anyone who wants their favorite videos or shows listed on this site, but don't want to write a full article or can't find a particular video.
If you know of a video that doesn't have a page on this site yet (or simply need help finding one), please start a thread on this board. I'll also accept entire shows, people, characters and anything else that should be given a page.
When suggesting a video, please provide some kind of link (to YouTube, blip, ScrewAttack, the Internet Archive, GameTrailers, whatever else) if you can, or at least the full title, or fail that, a description on what happens in the video.
I'll start. I saw a Clip of the Week on ScrewAttack TV, where Chad is initiated to ScrewAttack with Jose hitting him in the balls. Craig walks in and says that he had nothing to do with the making of the clip. I can't find it on the site, nor do I know the title. If anyone knows which Clip I'm talking about, please help out by linking it in this thread. Thanks!
Prowler64 Talk Page 07:18, November 6, 2015 (UTC)
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